Our Mission

In today’s housing market, your home needs to make a great first impression to ensure a faster sale. A partnership with Fauxnatic About Color will help you prepare your home for the market and create inviting interiors that will stand out from the competition.

You never get a second chance to make make a great first impression!

For Homeowners: Home Staging

Are you ready to get your house sold? Don’t drop the price. Raise the value! Fauxnatic About Color will assess your home and its staging needs for a fast and successful home sale. We will work with you and your budget to transform each room for a faster, more profitable sale!

Because not all homes are the same, we will create a customized plan that works within your budget for optimal results. We specialize in using what you already have to transform your home into abuyer's dream.

Staging Services

Home Assessment Consultation & Proposal (2 hours)

  • Fauxnatic About Color will assess your home and its staging needs for a fast and successful home sale. We will go over the home staging process while walking though your home as a buyer would and gathering important first impressions.
  • You will receive a DIY Home Staging Report & Action Plan. Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer, this action plan provides a detailed, easy to follow plan so you can complete the look on your own. (A hard copy of the Action Plan will be provided by email.)
  • We will provide a proposal outlining additional staging services and recommendations needed in order to accomplish a successful and speedy home sale.

Half or Full Day Staging

  • Fauxnatic About Color will spend a half or full day working with you to make dramatic transformations to your home using the furniture and accessories you already have. You won’t believe the difference a day makes!
  • This service is recommended for clients whose homes just need a little extra attention and expertise.

“Get It Sold” Full-Service Staging Package

  • For maximum results and to compete in today’s buyer’s market, Fauxnatic About Color works alongside you to guide you in every step of the staging process.
  • You will receive a Home Preparation Plan and Fauxnatic About Color will spend up to a day in the home working with you and preparing and photographing many rooms for maximum buyer traffic. We will make a Photo Show using our updated photos for your agent’s marketing efforts.
  • We will help you create a list of accessories to complete your spaces or provide their own carefully chosen accessories for you to rent in order to improve your home’s first impression.

New Listing or Open House Staging Weekend

  • Fauxnatic About Color will spend two full days transforming the house into a buyer’s dream. We will focus on removing clutter, highlighting your home’s best features, and adding emotional connection points for potential buyers.
  • Perfect for making a great first impression for a house just about to go onto the market or have an Open House.

Staging Refinement

  • Ideal for any client who needs to prepare for the Listing Launch and who has already had a Home Assessment Consultation with a personal DIY Home Staging Report & Action Plan created.
  • Fauxnatic About Color will spend time (up to 4 hours) refining what you’ve started and using your newly purchased items to improve the look and feel of each space.

Vacant Home Staging

The need to stage a vacant home is more critical than for a furnished home. Vacant homes do not show well since very few home buyers can visualize the potential of an unfurnished house. At Fauxnatic About Color, our goal will be to add enough home furnishings in order to give the space a warm, open and comfortable feel that gives the buyers a frame of reference and fuels their imaginations.

Our 4 Step Process:

  1. Initial Consultation – Fauxnatic About Color will meet with the home sellers and real estate agent, go over the process, the budget and review the home. During this time we will take pictures, draw diagrams and take measurements as well as brainstorm furniture and accessories needed to complete the home.
  2. Furniture Planning – When the home seller decides to proceed, Fauxnatic About Color will meet with the furniture rental company that best fits the project. We will coordinate and select the perfect pieces to showcase the home while respecting the seller's budget.
  3. Moving Day – Fauxnatic About Color will meet the furniture rental movers at the home and direct the placement of pieces. We will also bring additional accessories in the form of bed linens, wall décor and artwork, plants, trees, tabletop décor, pillows, throws, light furniture, knick knacks and additional pieces. Fauxnatic About Color will spend a day or more adding these home accessories in order to finish the "look." (An accessory rental fee is required.)
  4. Sold! – When the house is sold we will then meet with the furniture rental movers and spend a day de-staging the home.

Color Consultations & Shopping Services

  • Color Consults: Fauxnatic About Color will evaluate the homes current décor and create a customized color palette that will appeal to prospective home buyers. 
  • Shopping Service: Fauxnatic About Color will help create a budget and shop for those accessories that serve as investments in the sale of your home.

Additional services based upon the home’s needs and home seller’s budget. Every home is unique and needs a custom treatment for optimal results during the staging process. We work with you to transform each room for a faster, more profitable sale!

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