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Does Your Home "Appeel" to the MOST Potential Buyers?

YOUR HOME IS YOUR BIGGEST ASSET: Don't leave money on the table! Have you ever heard the old adage, 'a house is like a banana'? It's true! People shop and buy bananas every day, just like homes. What you may not realize is that a banana can easily stand out among the bunches of plain bananas PLUS have greater buyer APPEEL when you add in a few essential toppings to create an inviting and enticing banana split.

RAISE THE VALUE: A banana split costs more then a plain banana AND has a higher perceived value then a plain banana. People don't hesitate buying a banana split because of the higher price. People are willing to pay MORE for an amazing dessert. Just like a house! When a house is properly staged, there is a perceived difference in the value of the house. Potential buyers are willing to pay MORE for a house that feels like home. Because let's face it, toppings make everything better!

SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY: Yes, you'll need to spend some money to buy the toppings to create a banana split. However, an investment in those toppings is essential and more than pay for themselves.

DON'T SKIMP ON THE TOPPINGS: In today’s housing market, your home needs to make a great first impression to ensure a fast sale. Front&Center Home Staging can help add in those key toppings to make your home shine in the resale market.

Don’t let your house be the plain banana! Stand out among the bunches! STAGE FIRST and bring your home to the Front&Center of buyers' attention.

Inspire buyers. Sell faster. Sell for more.

Are you ready to get your house sold? Don’t drop the price. Raise the value! Front&Center Home Staging will assess your home and its staging needs and then work with you and your budget to transform your house into a buyer's dream home. In today’s housing market, your home needs to make a great first impression to ensure a fast and top dollar sale.

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression!

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