Realtor Partnerships

Realtors: ADD VALUE to your listing presentations by incorporating a Staging Consultation as a part of your real estate transaction. As your certified home staging expert, Front&Center Home Staging will consult with your sellers and provide guidance in preparing their home for the resale market. We'll discuss the best ways to stage the home to maximize its appeal to potential buyers. Choose from a Walk & Talk Staging Consultation, or Written Staging Report & Action Plan. Realtor Partnership Pricing available upon request.

  • With 9 out of every 10 buyers viewing photos of homes online FIRST, it becomes critical for those photos to contain beautifully staged rooms!

  • A partnership with Front&Center Home Staging will help your sellers prepare their home for the market and create inviting interiors that will stand out from the competition.

  • Offering staging consultations to your sellers can help build your brand and help you stand out from other real estate agents.

  • Both you and your seller benefit from an enhanced listing that appeals to more buyers because it leads to a quicker sale and higher price offers.

Enhance your listings by partnering with Front&Center Home Staging! Contact us for more details.