Staging Statistics

A home stager can skillfully identify ways to highlight your home’s best features and compensate for its shortcomings. The goal is to make ‘your home appeal to the broadest audience and number of buyers possible,’ says Zillow Digs Board of Designers member Mara Miller of Carrier and Company in New York City.
— 2014 Zillow Press Release

2014 Zillow Digs Survey Reveals Top 5 Projects for Home Sellers:

  1. Curb Appeal
  2. Staging
  3. Invest in Small Home Improvements
  4. Declutter
  5. Granite Countertops and Stainless Steel Appliances

Source: 2014 Zillow Digs Survey

Did You Know?

  • Professionally staged homes spend less time on the market. Statistics show that Professionally staged homes sell up to 50% faster and for 6-10% more than those that are not staged.
  • Having your home professionally staged doesn't have to cost a lot, and home stagers can work with almost any budget. In addition, the investment in home staging is almost always less than the value of the first price reduction for homes that sit on the market for too long.
  • Home staging can help to improve the marketability of your home. With 9 out of every 10 buyers viewing photos of your home online FIRST, it becomes crucial for those photos to be of beautifully staged rooms!

  • According to the National Association of Realtors, a home staging investment of between 1 and 3 percent of the home’s asking price will typically generate a return of 8 to 10 percent in the sale price of the home! That means when a seller with a $300,000 home invests $3,000 in preparing it to sell the average return is between $24,000 and $30,000!